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How is Intradermal Skin Testing Performed?

Intradermal allergy testing is another method of skin testing to help determine whether an individual is allergic to a specific allergen. The test involves injecting a small amount of the suspected allergen under the surface of the skin of the upper arm. After about 20 minutes the area is examined for a reaction at the site. A typical reaction looks like a small hive with swelling and redness. We measure the size of the bump, and if it is above a certain size then you may be allergic to that substance. The intradermal test is more sensitive than the skin prick test and can usually provide more consistent results.

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Why Do I Need an Intradermal Test After the Skin Prick Test?

Intradermal testing is far more sensitive than skin prick testing. Sometimes a skin prick test will be negative even though you actually are allergic to that substance. It is important to follow up with the intradermal test so that no allergens are missed out during treatment. Treating only some of your allergies means that the treatment will be less effective and you may still continue to experience allergy symptoms.

Are there Any Side Affects to Intradermal Skin Testing?

Skin testing is not painful and usually well tolerated other than itching and redness. We will provide a soothing cream for your arm after the test. Occasionally large responses may take a few hours to clear. Rarely, they may take a couple of days to clear. Let us know if a delayed reaction occurs (a wheal that develops after 2-3 days where one was not seen before). Wheezing, cough and flaring of allergy symptoms are possible with testing, especially if large skin reactions were seen. People taking beta-blockers or asthmatics are more likely to have these severe reactions. Rarely, a patient may have a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, which can cause generalized hives, swelling of the throat, and a drop in blood pressure. The medical staff will monitor closely for any allergic reaction and are prepared to treat it if necessary.

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