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Sleep behaviors are among the most common problems that parents of growing children are faced with. Although not every child experiences sleep problems, irregular or abnormal sleep behavior should never go untreated. Pediatric sleep disorders are highly common in children today and they often interfere with individual and family functioning, which is why I recommend that you seek the help of a sleep doctor in New York who has the experience and gentle tactics that treat children suffering from insufficient sleep.

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About Sleep Disorders

sleep disorder is defined as a disturbance of normal sleep patterns. Temporary or chronic medical problems are often the cause of sleep disturbances in as many as 30 percent of infants and children. Sleep disorders in kids may lead to daytime moodiness, irritability, lack of focus, and significant learning and behavioral issues. It is Dr. Mayan Shukla’s mission to diagnose, treat and relieve every pediatric sleep disorder possible.

Common Sleep Disorders in Children

There are numerous sleep disorders found in children. However, some disorders occur more often than others. Among them are sleep deprivation, night walking, separation anxiety, sleep apnea, resistance to settling problems, and parasomnias.

  • Sleep deprivation: Condition that occurs if the child does not receive the appropriate amount of sleep.
  • Night walking: A child in a state of low consciousness and performs activities; also known as sleepwalking.
  • Separation anxiety: A child becomes anxious or unable to sleep comfortably unless a parent is present.

Pediatric Sleep Doctor for Kids

Sleep plays a very important role in a child’s life. In fact, a developing brain at the stages of infancy and early childhood require more time asleep than it does while awake. This supports the importance of sleep for the overall well-being in every child. I highlighted earlier that inadequate and poor sleep quality may lead to daytime moodiness, irritability and lack of focus, and behavioral problems. But, did you know that substance abuse and absenteeism are also known to occur? It is in the best interest of your child to have them tested and treated for any sleeping disorders or irregular sleep patterns.

As a pediatric sleep doctor, it is my job to analyze medical and sleep history and diagnose the root of the sleep disorder in children. In many instances, behavioral techniques and adjustment of children’s sleep schedules can be helpful.

When to See Dr. Shukla for Sleep Disorder Treatment

While there are many night-time remedies that help children get to sleep, these are merely temporary aids of relief. You can tremendously improve your child’s sleep pattern by bringing them in for a consultation and diagnosis. If you have tried a variety of self-help sleep practices and have not achieved much success, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shukla if you notice that your child’s sleep is interrupted by any of the conditions listed above.

We are here to help you and your child out an end to pediatric sleep loss. If you have a question about sleep disorders or would like to make an appointment, please contact my pediatric sleep disorder representatives and we will help get you started. Call us at (917) 765-7469.

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