Household Pest Allergies in New York City

When most people think of allergens, the first things that come to mind are pollen and pet dander. What many of us fail to realize is that one of the most common sources of indoor allergies is the hardly seen, but almost always present, household pest. In fact, household pest allergies are one of the most common sources of indoor allergies. The culprit in most of these cases is the cockroach.

It is estimated that more than 78 percent of urban buildings contain cockroaches. For every one cockroach you see in the open, chances are there are more than 100 living in the walls. Cockroaches cause indoor allergies because their debris triggers an allergic reaction in some people.

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Their feces, shed skin, and corpses can become airborne and irritate your respiratory system if you are allergic. Although normally harmless, the proteins found in cockroach debris can trigger an immune system response in some people, which leads to allergies.The most dangerous symptom of a cockroach allergy is the worsening of asthma, especially in children.

Rodents are another common household pest that can cause allergies. Their dander, or dead skin, can go airborne and remain there with only a slight breeze. Once inhaled, dander can be a troublesome allergen, causing sneezing, watery eyes, and nasal congestion, among other things.

Both roaches and rodents can carry pathogens and bacteria, because of the filthy environments they are often found in. Pest control services can be a big help in removing these household pests and the allergens they carry. Short of that, however, it is difficult to avoid exposure if you have household pest allergies, and you may be exposed to these same conditions when at work or visiting others.

If Dr. Shukla determines that the cause of your allergies is related to household pests, there are several treatments he may recommend. Antihistamines and decongestants can be quite effective at reducing your allergy symptoms. In the case of asthma, he may also prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or bronchodilators to alleviate breathing problems.

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