Bracing for Fall Allergies

While fall weather brings beautiful colored leaves, chilly nights by the fire, and some incredible holiday time with the family, fall can also bring allergies back to the forefront. It’s something that many people have to live with, but being prepared and knowledgeable about allergies can help you combat it. To ensure that your allergies do not hinder this incredible season, there are some important things to take note of regarding symptoms and treatment. For information directly from the allergy experts about your allergy treatment in NYC, contact Dr. Shukla’s team today.

Symptoms to Look Out for

If you are unsure whether you are experiencing allergies related to the fall season or are feeling the effects of a sickness, knowing the common symptoms can be extremely beneficial to help differentiate. According to Everyday Health, some common signs of fall allergies include: watery and itchy eyes, lots of sneezing, wheezing, itching in the back of your throat, upset stomach, hives, and dry or itchy skin.

It is important to take note of triggers and settings that you feel these symptoms to narrow down the cause of the allergy. Since these symptoms are not exclusive to fall allergies alone, it is important to seek a professional’s opinion. To contact the experts regarding your symptoms and allergy treatment in NYC, contact Dr. Shukla today.

Use Preventative Methods When You Can

Allergy symptoms can be annoying and take away from all the fun holiday festivities. Fortunately, many fall allergies can be treated with preventative measures, so you don’t need to be a victim any longer. For example, if your allergies are triggered by pollen in the air, then make sure to wear protective clothing while raking the leaves, which often kicks up pollen. On the other hand, if your dust or animal debris allergies are flaring up from too much time in doors, then staying on top of the cleaning and dusting can be a huge help to combat your symptoms. Once you have pinpointed the cause of your allergies, it is much easier to find a solution to the problem. If you are experiencing severe symptoms that cannot be treated with simple preventative measures, then it is of the utmost important that you seek a more customized allergy treatment in NYC.

Talk to a Professional Allergist

Seeking the opinion of an expert allergist can make the world of difference when combating fall allergies. Self-diagnosing and doing your own research leaves a lot of room for misinformation and erroneous claims that you cannot verify because of your lack of schooling and experience with allergy symptoms. With a professional in your corner, you will be able to have their expert knowledge pinpoint exactly what is triggering your symptoms and suggest an effective treatment from there. Since the type of treatments can be based on short-term to long-term relief, what the allergen is, and how severe the symptoms are, it is important to meet with Dr. Shukla to determine which allergy treatment in NYC is right for you. The goal is to decrease the frequency and intensity of symptoms, and a professional allergist can help you achieve that.

Although fall allergies can be a nuisance, there is help out there for your symptoms, and you no longer need to dread one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. If you are experiencing fall allergies and preventative measures are not helping you enjoy this season to the fullest, contact the expert, Dr. Shukla. With an extensive list of experience and personalized care, their team is ready to help you combat your fall allergies. For more information, contact our team today.

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