Can Infants Have Asthma?

An infant who has asthma.

Can infants have asthma? Most children with asthma show symptoms before their fifth birthday. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for susceptible children to experience asthma symptoms in infancy. Sadly, asthma can be very dangerous for infants and toddlers for several reasons. Nonverbal children are unable to clearly communicate the root of their distress Small children …

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Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children

Effects of secondhand smoke on chidlren

It is no secret that the effects of smoking tobacco products are drastic. Many medical institutions and organizations campaign against the smoking of cigarettes and similar items. After all, nicotine can cause cancer, and smoke can cause destructive damage in the lungs. Furthermore, there are health effects of secondhand smoke on children. There is a …

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Can You Outgrow Asthma?

Can you outgrow asthma?

What is Asthma and Whom Does it Affect? Asthma affects nearly twenty-five million people in the United States. Out of those twenty-five million, eighteen million of the people affected are adults. Certain factors make adults susceptible to asthma, including obesity, a family history of asthma, and even having influenza. But can you outgrow asthma? Asthma is …

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Breathing Techniques for Children

Sleepy boy sitting in bed. Tired child in bedroom

If your child suffers from asthma, it is important to know how to best help your child in the case of an attack. When your child has an asthma attack, their breathing patterns will change. Often, they start breathing at a rapid rate, which increases their anxiety levels. In order to reduce their anxiety, regulating …

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Anxiety and Sleep Disorders In Your Children

Although parents work hard to protect their children from trauma and anxiety, the unfortunate reality is, it’s impossible to completely filter out aspects of the world that kids will find deeply upsetting. Children who feel stressed, as a result of anxiety, have a high chance of developing a disruptive sleep disorder. Resistance to Settling After …

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Battling Air Pollutants: Ground Zero Patients Suffer from Respiratory Problems

Air Pollutants and Respiratory Problems The September 11th terrorist attacks were incredibly devastating for New York City. In addition to the thousands of people who lost their lives that day, the destruction of the World Trade Center released a vast amount of pollutants into the air. In fact, the varied amount of hazardous materials, released …

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Sleep Disorders Cause Poor Grades: How To Overcome This

When it comes to children, there are few things as important to their mental and physical health as getting enough sleep. If youth don’t get the recommended 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night, they run the risk of developing serious problems like attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and defiant behavior that will negatively affect their social maturation. …

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Survival Tips for Springtime Allergies

Top Survival Tips for Springtime Allergies An allergy is an overreaction of the human immune system to foreign substances, known as allergens, that eaten, breathed in, injected or touched. We cannot see allergens, but we know they are there because our reaction is to cough, sneeze; rub itchy eyes; we wipe runny noses and clear …

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