Have You Had Any of These Common Dreams Lately?

Most of us experience very similar dream sequences and themes from night to night. Of course, the frequency, intensity, and vividness of our dreams can vary widely, but most dream themes and symbolism is shared between us all. Read on to learn more about some of the most common dreams we all have. Have you had any of these common dreams lately?

Common Dream Aspects

Whatever your culture, age, or experience, there are many common dream types which we all experience. Certainly, there are some universal symbols, narratives, and aspects of everyday life which go unchanging and which we all experience. You may notice some of these aspects are very apparent throughout each of the common dream themes.

Universal Dream Themes

Sometimes, the dreams can be as fantastical as discovering a door to another world or a magical land. Other times, it might be as simple as discovering a closet that isn’t there in real life. Dreams of this nature have been reported across time, various cultures, and ages. It is generally agreed that dreams such as these are common because these are universal aspects of everyday life in some way.

Research has shown many cross-cultural dream themes which seem to be universal (Griffith et. al, 1958). In fact, one study sought to determine the most frequently experienced dream themes in Canadian University students (Nielsen et. al, 2003). The study utilized the 55-question survey called the Typical Dreams Questionnaire to assess these themes. Among those themes, some of the most common included being chased or followed by someone, school or study-related dreams, falling, sexual experiences, flying, finding money, and tasting new foods.

Common Dream Items and Situations

Throughout each of the surveys, some patterns emerged which revealed recurring items and situations within the dreams. The most prevalent items and situations included arriving late, failing a test, being naked (sometimes in public or in an awkward situation), dressing incorrectly or inappropriately for an event, or not being able to find a toilet and feeling like you have to pee.

It is likely that we all experience these common themes, items and situations because we all feel the same emotions tied to them. Often times, various common dreams are brought on by our feelings, after all. These dreams may be triggered by a moment, your childhood, a traumatic experience, and any sentiments tied these. Feelings of stress, anxiety, pressure, joy, arousal, desire, panic, overwhelm, love, or contentment affect all of us. This may be the common thread to what commonly influences our dreams.

Sometimes, you may be experiencing a recurring dream that is both traumatic or troublesome. In some cases, it may be preventing you from achieving a good night’s sleep. If you are suffering from consistent, chronic sleep troubles, choose to get the help you need, better sleep, and gain peace of mind by contacting Dr. Shukla for a consultation today.

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