Facts About Asthma in New York

Asthma is a well-known disease that affects millions of people every single day. Its symptoms can vary from person to person, but some undeniable side effects are universally known. While this condition is something that affects everyone across the globe, your pulmonology expert in NYC wants you to have some specific facts about asthma in New York that could surprise you.

Facts About Asthma in New York

Below, check out some important information about asthma, learn some interesting NY facts, and find the perfect treatment for the betterment of your health.

What is Asthma?

A chronic breathing condition, asthma occurs when the airways in the lungs are blocked and swollen. As the available space for oxygen narrows, it becomes difficult to breathe. The air in your body will not be able to easily move to reach your heart and lungs, causing you to gasp for air. If you find yourself suddenly coughing or gasping for air, you might be having an asthma attack.

Several different causes can trigger an asthma attack. While it can be congenital, it is also a result of an allergic reaction. Asthma can also be triggered by animal dander, pollens in the air, dust mites, and overall poor air quality.

Asthma New York Facts

New York State has some really interesting statistics regarding asthma. For example, did you know that close to 1.5 million adults in New York have asthma? What’s more, almost 500,000 children in New York have also been diagnosed. This prevalence of asthma tends to be a bit higher than in most other states, but part of it is due to the fact that New York has the largest population in the country.

There exist a few connections made between the likelihood of asthma and the usage of certain medications. For example, a CDC study showed that asthma severity can increase depending on the medical care routine used to treat the condition. There has also appeared a lack of education between doctors and patients. Specifically, regarding the usage of asthma medication as well as common procedures. The later proves vital to help patients know what to do in the event of an asthma attack.

At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, we strive to provide the most transparent information and the most up-to-date treatments to help you manage your asthma without interruption in your daily life. We hope to encourage your health, which in turn can make for a healthier New York.

Best Asthma Treatments

Depending on the type of asthma your doctor diagnoses in your body, you will have a number of treatment options available to you. Dr. Shukla typically likes to start patients on a round of anti-inflammatory medicines. Additionally, he equips them with an inhaler they can use to reverse the effects of a sudden triggering attack.

There are also a few home exercises to prevent asthma that are easy enough to incorporate into your daily routine. By keeping the air quality inside your home clean, removing pet dander from fabrics, and practicing deep breathing every day, you can get closer to removing your asthma symptoms once and for all.

Treat Asthma the Right Way with Dr. Mayank Shukla Today

Visit Dr. Mayank Shukla’s office for top-rated Long Island pulmonology and asthma care. We provide custom-fitted asthma solutions for adults, children, and patients of all ages looking to improve the health of their lungs. Asthma remains a serious condition that can worsen over time. And it can prove fatal during a strong attack. Equip yourself with the tools and resources to stay healthy and prevent your breathing problems from getting worse by signing up for asthma treatment today.

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