Fighting Off Seasonal Allergies in the Winter

Seasonal allergies can rear their ugly heads when you’re least expecting. And when it comes to fighting them off successfully, there are several things you need to know. If you are dealing with consistent symptoms and you need relief right away, be sure to visit your allergy doctor in New York.

At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, the number one allergy specialist in New York, there are several things our professionals want you to know about fighting off seasonal allergies in the winter. From preventative measures to the best curative treatments, here are the best tips for fighting off seasonal allergies in the wintertime.

Invest in the Right Filter

If you haven’t already, try out a HEPA filter. These high-efficiency particulate air filters can get rid of a lot of things floating through the air. Debris and pollen can get caught in the air, causing your allergy symptoms to really appear. Air filters can be set up in your home to help you breathe more easily, preventing particulates from affecting your body and lungs.

Try a Vacuum

Another simple solution that you can do in your house is to vacuum your carpet more often. It may seem like a useless tip coming from your allergy doctor in New York, but the number of particulates you remove from your carpet can help you prevent some serious seasonal allergies. Vacuums can get rid of dander, pollen, dust mites, skin cells, and more that will usually make you itch or sneeze.

Use A Humidifier

One of the most common things to do during the winter is to turn on the heater in the home. This is understandable, due to the cold weather, which gets colder and colder no matter where you live. However, keeping the heater on constantly can cause the air to become dry, allowing for more dander and dust to gather. To combat this, use a humidifier, which can get rid of some of that dryness. For maximum effect, turn the humidifier up to 50 degrees at the maximum.

Wash and Groom Your Pets Often

Since there are no pollens in the winter, you may be wondering how seasonal allergies can even happen. Pet dander is one of the primary causes of seasonal allergies during winter, meaning that you need to pay special attention to how often you wash and brush your pets. If you need to, you can have someone else groom them to avoid ingesting any pet dander. Pets should be bathed and groomed once a week, and they should also be kept out of the bed if they make you allergic.

Seek Over-The-Counter Help

There are several over-the-counter medicines that can help alleviate symptoms if you feel like your allergies have taken over. Remember that the symptoms won’t last forever, and your allergy doctor in New York can provide several options for treatment.

If you are seeking over-the-counter treatments, a good recommendation is to invest in Benadryl, which is an antihistamine that can decongest you. Further advice includes an investment in steroid nasal sprays and Claritin. Just be sure to read the labels and warnings, as some individuals do not react well to these medicines.

Get Help from Your Allergy Doctor in New York Today!

At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, you can get an extensive look at your allergy symptoms in order to come up with a personalized treatment plan. We are always available for an appointment or a consultation. If your allergies are suffering during this season, don’t wait until you are too uncomfortable. If you are looking to get more help for your allergy symptoms, you are encouraged to contact us online or give us a call at (917) 746-3431. We look forward to helping you enjoy a comfortable winter season this year!

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