How Do You Get Rid of Spring Allergies?

Spring is a tough season for those who deal with seasonal allergies. Spring is a tough season for those who deal with seasonal allergies. Pollens and dust particles are floating all throughout the air. Every day can feel like a battlefield in your lungs. Has this been an ongoing problem for you? Dr. Shukla is a pulmonary and sleep medicine specialist. We want to make sure you feel comfortable during the spring and throughout the whole year. Are you having trouble breathing with a runny nose and red eyes? Please follow these simple tips to get your life back on track.

Stay Indoors Often

Depending on where you live, it can be tough to stay indoors often when the sun is out. Even harder when everybody is enjoying the season. But, taking a few breaks from the outside every now and then is good for keeping your allergies at bay. And when you’re inside, make sure your indoor air is as clean as possible.

Here are some steps you can take to ensuring your indoor air is clean:

  • Use a dehumidifier to dry up the air when it becomes too humid.
  • Turn on your AC whenever you can.
  • Keep a HEPA filter nearby, especially in the bedroom or wherever you sleep.
  • Vacuum your floors often – particularly the carpets.

What if staying indoors isn’t enough? Here are some other solutions you can try to get rid of your symptoms once and for all.

Know Your Triggers

You can reduce your exposure to the pollens that might trigger an allergy attack if you know where to find them. For example, keep an eye on the weather channel to see if it’s a particularly windy day. If so, you might want to avoid going outside, as the pollens will be floating around more than usual.

Have you been at work or outside for a prolonged period of time? If so, remove your clothing and take a shower right away. That way, you can get rid of the pollens, so they don’t start to irritate your skin or lungs.

Seek an Allergy Treatment

When you’re ready to receive allergy treatment in New York, Dr. Shukla will come up with a plan that works only for you. When you’ve made an appointment, you can also seek out alternative treatments. This allows you to start remedying your symptoms as soon as possible.

There are over-the-counter treatments that can reduce your allergy symptoms for a while. This is an option while you are seeking a more permanent solution. If you’re a fan of home remedies, you can also try:

  • Extract of spirulina
  • Herbal tea
  • Acupuncture
  • Essential oils, especially citrus

Home remedies may not be enough to subdue your allergies for long. When you’re ready, you can seek out our professional allergy services. This option will help to treat whatever kind of allergy you may be suffering from.

See Dr. Shukla Today!

We can treat a variety of common and seasonal allergies, including:

  • Weed allergies
  • Pest allergies
  • Dog and cat allergies
  • Grass allergies
  • Pollen allergies
  • Mold allergies
  • All seasonal allergies

Some allergies lead to the lifelong development of asthma. Which is why it’s essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Mayank Shukla offers allergy testing in New York. This will help determine what you’re allergic to and what your symptoms are. Allergies range from seasonal to pollen during the springtime. There are many ways the different months can affect you.

We are available for a consultation and an appointment at any time. Your allergy treatment options may include prescribed drops or allergy pills. You may even need a surgical consult. Dr. Shukla will help to determine the cause of your allergy triggers. For more information, you can contact us online or give us a call at (917) 924-6383.

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