How to Keep Your Kids Happy During Allergy Season

Allergies can put a damper on anyone’s day, but it can be especially difficult for children. In fact, allergies can impact children’s overall well-being and their quality of life. Almost 10% of children are impacted by them. Common types of allergies include pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, and certain types of food. Navigating your child’s allergies can be difficult. However, there are ways to effectively manage it to ensure they are happy and healthy. Below you will find helpful tips on how to keep your kids happy during allergy season.

How to Keep Your Kids Happy During Allergy Season

It’s important to work closely with an allergy specialist if your child suffers from allergies. Consider the following tips in addition to your child’s allergy treatment plan.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking lots of liquids is helpful for your child’s overall health. However, it can also be beneficial during allergy season. This is because allergies can cause a lot of sneezing and nose blowing which can leave your child parched. Be sure to keep a bottle of water ready to ensure they are always hydrated, especially during allergy season.

Stay Indoors:

Staying inside during allergy season may be necessary on some days. If there are high pollen counts, consider staying inside. Avoiding allergens can help your child avoid unwanted symptoms.

Steam and Warmth:

A hot shower or warm bath can help relieve some allergy symptoms. Consider adding some fun toys in the tub to encourage your child to get some relief. This can help reduce unwanted symptoms and help your child feel more comfortable.

Enjoy Spicy Food:

If your child is amenable to eating spicy foods, be sure to keep hot foods on the menu during allergy season. Spicy foods can help thin mucus in your child’s nasal passages. Add some cayenne pepper, ginger, and other spicy peppers to the menu. It can also be a fun way to bond with your child and eat some new foods.

Nasal Care:

Allergy season comes with a lot of nose rubbing and blowing. This can cause redness, irritation, and really hurt. Choose tissues with aloe or lotion to prevent irritation and pain. You can also rub some petroleum jelly on their nose as a buffer. Try to address the issue in advance to prevent issues from starting.

Warm Fluids:

Hot tea with honey and lemon can be a great way to reduce mucus and soothe dryness. Many children experience scratchy throats, irritated noses, and a number of other unwanted symptoms. Experiment with different teas to help your child keep their mind off the allergies while also reducing their symptoms.

Use a Humidifier:

Dryness can make allergies worse. Add some moisture into the air by using a humidifier. This can improve your child’s symptoms, especially during allergy season. However, use caution as humidifiers can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Allergy Treatment

If your child has allergies or is experiencing allergy symptoms, it is key to work with a skilled asthma specialist. They can work with you to create a customized allergy treatment plan for your child. Treatment often includes lifestyle changes and medication to address unwanted symptoms. A treatment plan can dramatically improve your child’s overall quality of life.
Untreated allergies in children can lead to serious health consequences. In fact, it can reduce their quality of life, impact their sleep, result in the development of asthma, and cause chronic sinusitis. It can also increase their risk of ear infections and skin issues and even impact their mental health. Avoid this by scheduling an appointment with a skilled asthma doctor. Contact Dr. Shukla at the Asthma & Sleep Institute today!

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