Identifying and Treating Symptoms of COPD

Are you often short of breath? Do you experience coughing and wheezing? If you have persistent breathing problems that don’t seem to go away, you may be struggling with a lung disease known as COPD.

As a leading asthma specialist in New York, Dr. Mayank Shukla has the tools and experience necessary to help you treat your COPD symptoms. While being unable to breathe may seem like a scary thing, you can rest assured that our professional staff members will provide you with the care you need as soon as possible. At Dr. Mayank Shukla’s office, you’re in good hands.

So, what exactly is COPD? Check out our short guide for a rundown on the disease, its causes, its visible symptoms, and available treatment options.

What Exactly is COPD?

COPD Stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and, understandably, it defines an inflammatory lung disease which makes it difficult to breathe. This chronic condition obstructs the airflow in the lungs, which becomes apparent with much wheezing and coughing.

Those with long-term COPD may be at risk of developing more serious conditions, such as heart disease or even lung cancer.

What Causes COPD?

COPD isn’t something you’re born with – you develop it due to exposure to harmful gases. If you or someone you know is a smoker, prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke can cause an irritation of the lungs. The particulates in the air can make it increasingly difficult to breathe without wheezing or gasping for air.

People can also contract COPD through bronchitis or emphysema. These are two conditions that cause an inflammation in the bronchial tubes, which is what carries the air safely to your throat when you breathe.

What are the Symptoms of COPD?

COPD can reveal itself in a variety of different ways, including through the usual emphysema and bronchitis symptoms. Typically, the symptoms of COPD don’t show up until the lung has already been pretty badly damaged. You may only start to notice your COPD symptoms after the condition has become severe.

A detailed list of COPD systems can be seen below:

  • Wheezing
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Constant coughing
  • Excessive production of mucus or sputum of different colors
  • Blue fingernails
  • Lethargy and little energy
  • Chronic respiratory infections
  • Sudden weight loss

Are There Treatments for COPD?

Fortunately, there are ways that COPD can be treated. Be sure to relax – having COPD is not the end of the world. It isn’t a fatal contraction. There are ways that you can treat it, as long as you work closely with your doctors and care team to ensure that you recover fully from your symptoms.

The first way to provide relief from these irritating symptoms is to quit smoking immediately. If you are a cigarette smoker, try to cease your habit as soon as possible.

Secondly, we can prescribe a variety of medications to lessen the severity of your symptoms and reduce the rate of your COPD overall. Depending on which stage of COPD you are in, you may need more treatment after the medicine.

If you are in need of extra aid for your COPD symptoms, we can also prescribe oral steroids, inhalers, and oxygen therapy plans to help get your lungs in working order again. We are happy to offer rehabilitation programs to suit all of your pulmonary and medical needs. Breathing well is your right!

Asthma Specialist in New York

If you’re concerned about your breathing patterns or other symptoms that may lead to COPD, don’t hesitate to visit the top asthma specialist in New York. Dr. Mayank Shukla and our friendly staff members can assist you with all of your needs. For more information about COPD, or to schedule a consultation, you can contact us online or give us a call at (917) 765-7469. We look forward to assisting you and treating your medical needs today!

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