Is Your Asthma Under Control?

Asthma is an extremely common chronic illness that affects about 25 million Americans according to the Center for Disease Control, and of those 25 million who suffer, half have had an asthma attack yearly. The most important statistic is that the majority of those who suffered from an asthma attack could actually have prevented it. If you have suffered from an attack recently and want to get the expert opinion of an asthma doctor in Manhattan, contact Dr. Shukla today to get a consultation.

Tracking your Asthma Symptoms

They say that knowledge is power, and with asthma symptoms, the more you track and record your symptoms and triggers, the better equipped you are to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. Use a diary to track your symptoms and what possible triggers may be creating these symptoms. This will help you create a record of possible patterns that can help you better control your asthma in the future. It is also helpful for professionals to give you important guidance. If you are looking for an asthma doctor in Manhattan to give you guidance on the records you have kept regarding your symptoms, contact Dr. Shukla to get an in depth perspective.

Ways to Control Your Asthma

There are many ways that you can help control your asthma, and the most important step is to stay consistent. Be sure that you are following your doctor’s recommendations fully, and taking any medications that they are prescribing. Be sure to also keep an inhaler close by, and be properly aware of how to use in the case of an asthma emergency. Being consistent in both of these manners will make your asthma much more manageable. Staying consistent in your diet and exercise will help your body stay regulated, and be less prone to an attack. By eating healthy and staying fit, you will be promoting a healthy immune system, as well as strengthening your lungs and breathing muscles. Be sure not to exercise too hard as this can have the negative effect, and also cut out any obvious triggers that are not good for your lung health, such as smoking.

Be Proactive

The greatest offense is a best defense, so be sure to have plans of action in place for an asthma attack in case one unexpectedly occurs. By creating a plan, you will not be caught by surprise and will know exactly what to do whether you have a big or small attack. Also, by proactively protecting your body from things such as viruses, you will have one less asthma trigger to worry about. Stay hydrated, well rested, and wash your hands consistently to help your immune system. Viruses usually infect the chest and lungs, which can wreak havoc on those that are already dealing with asthma.

When is it Time to Seek Medical Help?

Although you can do as much as possible to keep your asthma under control, sometimes you need professional help to make the symptoms less intense. If you are wondering how severe your asthma needs to be to necessitate going to the doctor, the short answer is: any level of asthma requires a doctor’s visit. Whether you have intense asthma, or it only flares up every now and then, it is prudent to see an asthma doctor regularly. Just like you would get frequent check ups to make sure your health is good, if you have known breathing problems, it is important that a doctor is seeing you regularly to track your symptoms and make a treatment plan. This is an important step in controlling your asthma. If you are looking for an asthma doctor in Manhattan, be sure to contact Dr. Shukla to get the best care you can find.

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