Kids with Asthma and Cold Weather

Asthma and outside air don’t often mix. It is important to always be aware of air quality and weather patterns before going outside for extended periods, especially if asthma symptoms are severe. But what about kids with asthma and cold weather? Are kids with asthma and cold weather a good mix? Is it easier to breathe when the air is crisp?

Kids with Asthma and Cold Weather

We asked the best asthma doctor Staten Island has about dealing with cold weather and asthma. Here’s what you should expect this upcoming winter season.

Cold Weather is a Trigger

Unfortunately, the cold weather can often be a bad trigger for asthma. This is because when the air gets cold, all of the muscles that are responsible for breathing in air get stiff and tight to fight against that cold. This forcibly narrows the airways, making it harder to breathe. With symptoms of asthma on top of that, it can be even more dangerous of a situation. It is important to also be aware of the likelihood of respiratory infections spreading in cold weather.

Keeping Kids Safe

If the cold weather is often unsafe for kids with asthma, what can you do to make sure your child has a healthy and fun winter? Here are some things you can try out this season:

Keep it Warm Indoors

Make sure you have a good heating system set up in your home. Both your and your child’s comfort depend on being well insulated and protected against the bitter cold of winter. Make sure to keep an eye on the air filter in your heater, so it remains free of dust and other irritants.

No Smoking

There should be no smoke of any kind in the household. Smoke from wood-burning stoves, barbecues, fireplaces, or cigarettes can deeply affect a child’s asthma triggers. It is best not to have any of the aforementioned things in your home.

Keep Physical Activity Inside

Just because it is important for your child to remain indoors throughout the winter doesn’t mean you have to limit their physical activity. You can come up with games to play inside, and encourage virtual meetups and classes with peers so they can still get everything they need. Just be aware that too much exercise can trigger asthma, so it’s essential to monitor your child at all times.

Encourage Nose Breathing

Breathing through your nose is a great way to give your lungs warm air. You can teach your child to breathe through their nose. Wearing a scarf and mask over the face when going outside can help create a humid environment for the lungs, making it much easier to breathe and preventing potential triggers.

Make an Asthma Emergency Plan

If you are worried about the effects of winter and cold weather on your child with asthma, it is important to come up with an emergency plan that you can put into action right away. Speak with your child’s asthma specialist to come up with the framework for your emergency plan.

This may include setting up medication and maintenance needs, such as an inhaler, and practicing the best times to use it. It is important that you are prepared for a trigger situation so you can avoid it and prevent it if it happens.

Get the Best Asthma Treatment Today!

For more information about your child’s asthma symptoms and how to stay safe in this cold weather, get in touch with Dr. Mayank Shukla, your premier asthma doctor NYC. Diagnosing asthma and developing a safety and treatment plan is the best way to keep your child safe against its triggers. Avoid cold weather if you can, and make sure the home is a clean environment for your child. Reach out to our friendly team to schedule a consultation today!

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