Does Lemon Juice Really Help Fight Off Asthma? Here’s What You Need to Know

People have been using natural remedies for thousands of years. Lemons have traditionally been used as an antiseptic and digestive aide, as well as a treatment for respiratory problems. With the rise in the popularity of natural medicine, many people are turning to lemons to help treat asthma. It is said that lemon juice can help lessen asthma symptoms and reduce the amount of asthma attacks. But does it really work? Here’s what you need to know about lemon juice and asthma.

How Can Lemon Juice Help With Asthma?

Lemons have certain properties that can make them effective at fighting asthma.

  • Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps the body resist asthma triggers
  • Antioxidants are concentrated in lemon juice, which helps the body to fight off any allergen or irritant that enters the lungs
  • Lemon juice has antiseptic properties, which means it can help kill bacteria in the body and prevent mucus buildup
  • The citric acid in lemon juice improves lung function by cleansing and strengthening the lung tissue

Since lemons can help reduce the effect of asthma triggers on the lungs and also help reduce inflammation and mucus, they could be considered an effective natural remedy for the disease.

Is There Research to Prove Lemon Juice is Effective in Fighting Asthma?

This is the catch with lemon juice –  it hasn’t been scientifically proven to be effective at fighting asthma. Doctors and scientists agree that lemon juice can provide general health benefits. They also agree that the above properties of lemons do exist, and they could, in theory, help to treat asthma. And while a recent study at Technion Israel Institute of Technology found that inhaling limonene, a main ingredient in citrus essential oils, could help prevent asthmatic symptoms in animals, no other definitive studies on lemon juice for treating asthma actually exist.

Should I Include Lemon Juice in My Asthma Treatment?

You may choose to include lemon juice in your diet to see if it will help with asthma. Simply add freshly squeezed lemon juice to water and drink it throughout the day. It can be made as strong or as diluted as you like. You may wish to sweeten the lemon juice and water to make a homemade lemonade. However, lemon juice should never replace asthma medicine and should instead be used in conjunction with your prescribed medications.

Ask Your Doctor About Lemon Juice

If you are curious about adding lemon juice to your asthma treatment routine, contact Dr. Shukla’s office today. Not only can Dr. Shukla help ensure that you are on the proper type and dose of asthma medication, but he can give you sound advice on natural treatment options. Dr. Shukla is especially dedicated to giving children the tools they need to help fight off childhood asthma. His many years of experience can help you determine if lemon juice could be a helpful tool in your or your child’s fight against asthma. Contact his office today to schedule your appointment and discover for yourself if lemon juice for asthma lives up to all the hype.

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