New Ragweed Allergy Tablets Promote Alternative to Painful Injections

Ragweed and pollen sufferers are likely to feel the effects of their allergies and even though allergy season arrived later than usual, there is only preparation and strategy we can turn to in order to keep symptoms at bay. Luckily ragweed sufferers have a new option to help with ragweed allergies. Earlier this year the Food and Drug Administration approved Ragwitek, an allergy pill that shows promising effects of immunization against offending plant pollens that many people struggle with during the fall.

What Are Ragweed Allergies?

Ragweeds are simply weeds that grow heavily in humid environments ranging from the Northeast and Midwest. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, ragweeds typically affect sufferers from August through November which is their season to release pollen – a fine powder also made by trees, grasses and flowers. There are plenty of other areas in the country where ragweed pollen reaches its highest levels in mid-September. Ragweed pollens are wind-driven and travel for hundreds of miles and designed to withstand light winter conditions, which makes symptoms almost year-round for some allergy patients.

When ragweed allergy symptoms occur the pollen enters a person’s nose and throat, which causes allergy and asthma symptoms, such as runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy throat, itchy ears, hives, and swollen and itchy eyelids. In many cases, ragweed pollen is the leading cause of hay fever for allergy sufferers, affecting nearly one in five Americans – 85 percent of the country’s 70 million allergy sufferers.

Ragweed Pill

Ragwitek, designed by Merck & Co., is made with ragweed pollen to help the allergy sufferer become immune to the pollen. Over 1,700 participated in a study testing the effects of the pill compared to a placebo immunization. Patients are instructed to place Ragwitek under the tongue until it dissolves, once a day, 12 weeks before ragweed pollen season and throughout November or until the season ends. Researchers found during a single allergy season, patients who took Ragwitek experienced 26 percent less allergy symptoms than those who were instructed to take the placebo drug.

This hopes to be the alternative solution from other prescription drugs which include nasal sprays and injections. Most treatments on the market are able to help improve symptoms, but when a patient stops taking their medication their allergies return. This immunotherapy pill hopes to make things simpler than constant visits to the doctor’s office for treatment or painful injections.

A qualified doctor can determine if you are allergic to ragweeds and can help plan a solution for comfortable treatment during allergy season. Ragweed symptoms include scratchy throat, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose and congestion, coughing and sneezing. If you want to learn more about Ragweed consult with your doctor and find out if the new immunotherapy pill is the best solution for ragweed allergies.


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