Sleeping Better in Summertime Heat

If the hot summer temperatures and humidity are keeping you awake at night, well you are not alone. Summertime heat waves may have reached a plateau for now, as the average temperatures are currently sitting at 80 degrees, but the humidity is what troubles our patients the most. While every sleep doctor has their saying, “Sleep eight hours a day and keep the doctor away,” we are likely unable to sleep all the way through the night in lieu of summer. Over 40 million adults in the United States struggle with sleep every night, but during the summer those statistics grow even worse. If this sounds like you, then it may be time to visit a sleep disorder specialist to determine how well your sleeping conditions can be adjusted for a better night’s rest.

Sure, we know that anything less than eight hours makes a significant impact on your cognitive functions during the day. Sadly, the summer heat along with vacation trips, noise and excessive eating can be a huge distraction to your sleep. What can you do about it for the reminder of summer and other warm weather destinations?

Eliminate the Heat

If you have not done so by now, your bedroom should be free of all heat sources that may be generating high temperatures; this should include checking your home for air leaks and insulation. Air conditioning is costly, but many of us avoid using them at night, but this does come in handy to cool your home off before sleep. Another big thing is that people fail to keep their drapes, doors and windows closed so that the amount of heat is reduced throughout the home. All of this combined will help dramatically cool your body off before sleep.

Turn Off Electronic Gadgets

Laptops, computers and television all emit some amounts of heat that make the room hotter with frequent usage. Even light bulbs in use have a tendency to make our bedrooms warmer, so try switching off all these devices an hour before bed.

Wear Light Pajamas

Light and flimsy pajamas are proven to draw moisture and perspiration from your body to help keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, choosing airy, loose clothing for bed are best. Wearing thick and longer articles of clothing will trap air between the layers and increase body temperatures. Do not be tempted to peel off some layers or sleep in the buff, this will only allow sweat to stay on your body instead of being wicked away from your skin.

Avoid Strenuous Night Exercising

Working out may make you feel tired temporarily, but that will not make your room any cooler than you need it to be to get a full night’s rest. If you must exercise in the evening, try completing them before 5 p.m. as it normally takes the core temperature of your body about two to four hours to drop to normal.

Chill Your Bed

Drinking cool glasses of water do wear away, but with ice packs between the sheets you can dramatically lower your body temperature during the summer heat. If your pillows are in need of a little extra fluff, then place an ice pack under your pillow and cool off your head as you drift to sleep.

Track Unusual Sleep Patterns with a Sleep Disorder Doctor New York

Aside from keeping your bedroom and your body cool while you sleep at night, consider scheduling a consultation with a sleep doctor Brooklyn patients trust most. Air conditioning may cool your home off for a short time, but if your sleeping patterns are consistently falling out of place, then get in touch with the sleep disorder doctor New York City patients’ trust. Call us at (212) 661-7077.

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