Sleeping with a Teddy Bear as an Adult May Not be as Weird as You Thought

When you were a child, nothing was more comfortable than sleeping with a teddy bear beside you. It gave you a sense of warmth, protection, and even friendship. While some adults grow out of this teddy bear phase, others still feel fond of their stuffed animals and keep them on the bed no matter how old they are.

It turns out, this isn’t as weird as you may think.

As a top sleep specialist in New York City, Dr. Mayank Shukla is passionate about helping people sleep better for a longer and healthier life. If you struggle with sleep, or even if you are simply interested in finding out how you can sleep more soundly, you may want to turn to that same piece of stuffed raggedy fabric you depended upon when you were a child.

Let’s take a look at what makes sleeping with a teddy bear so special, and why sleeping with a teddy bear as an adult is OK.

Childhood Comforts

In order to understand why some adults may still prefer to sleep with their childhood teddies, let’s take a look at why kids find their stuffed companions so important.

According to Psychology Today, stuffed animals are seen as transitional objects that help young children learn important sensory and emotional skills. A teddy bear can be a tool to help prevent separation anxiety while acting as a “friend” to keep them feeling safe and secure. If you had a stuffed animal in your early years, it was very likely that this animal was your first friend.

A stuffed animal is a comfort object that can help to prevent a lot of early fears, anxieties, and feelings of loneliness. It isn’t difficult to see how these traits can also be beneficial to us as adults.

Adult Relaxation

When you are ready to fall asleep, you find yourself in a vulnerable position. Going to bed is something that takes time and care, and you want to be as comfortable as possible or else you won’t be able to let your mind and body rest.

Studies have shown that being able to touch something that comforts you will immediately make you feel calmer and more comfortable.

This is especially true of adults who struggle with low self-esteem or confidence. Human contact is just as essential for our health and well-being as food and water are, and this is no less certain when we are trying to fall asleep.

Something as simple as the act of touching a teddy bear can help you to feel soothed and your worries will start to melt away. As 2020 dawns a new decade, it’s important to understand that comfort objects like teddy bears aren’t just for kids anymore.

Finding Your Favorite Comfort Object

Of course, the thing that comforts you most doesn’t have to be a teddy bear. Some people prefer blankets, while others have soft toys to keep them warm. Travelodge published a study that showed over ⅓ of British adults prefer sleeping with a teddy bear, with some people even taking them along on business trips or vacations.

It’s not as uncommon or weird as you may think. If you need something to comfort you at night, but you’ve always felt too embarrassed to embrace a stuffed animal again, let your worries slip away and find the object that will bring you a good night’s sleep.

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