Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids

concept image of kid doing breathing exercises

When your child has asthma or another respiratory condition, breathing techniques are an important tool. Here we have fun breathing exercises for kids. Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids These techniques are certainly not a replacement for proper diagnosis and treatment with your pediatric pulmonologist in Staten Island. However, practicing breathing techniques with your child does …

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Breathing Exercises for Kids

Concept image of breathing exercises for kids

It is crucial to be able to help your child if they have asthma. Your child’s breathing patterns may change when they have an asthma attack, and the symptoms may be exacerbated as a result of panic. They may start breathing faster, which can increase their anxiety. Often, they won’t know how to come down …

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Breathing Exercises for Stress Management

Illustration of Woman practicing breathing exercises for stress relief.

Stress comes in many shapes and forms, but no matter how you experience it, it is overwhelming and probably unhealthy. Too much stress can lead to physical, mental, and psychological health issues that will only get worse over time. If you feel like you are about to collapse under the weight of a mountain of …

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Controlling Asthma Without Your Inhaler

Woman feeling pain and tired on bed

Over 18 Million Americans live with asthma. Traditionally, they are treated with inhaled and/or oral medications to help control airway inflammation and acute attacks. These treatments are often necessary if the patient wishes to avoid frequent attacks and hospital visits. The Big News is increasing evidence suggests that specific lifestyle changes and integrative treatments have …

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