How Sleep Apnea Affects Weight

Woman checking her weight on a scale.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, or you have noticed that you display irregular breathing patterns that keep you from sleeping comfortably, it is possible that you are struggling with sleep apnea. One of the biggest symptoms and correlations with sleep apnea is sudden weight gain. As the symptoms of sleep apnea get worse, …

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Most Common CPAP Machine Problems

Condensation in windows cause mold and moisture in the house

Sleep apnea can be a frustrating condition that causes your breathing to temporarily stop or become shallow, frequently interrupting your sleep. While a CPAP solves obstructive sleep apnea, adjusting to the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) poses a challenge for some patients. This is due to a myriad of reasons, including an inability to keep …

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Are You Snoring or is it Sleep Apnea?

Young girl can't sleep because of her man's snoring.

90 million Americans snore during sleep, as you’re likely to already know either as a sufferer yourself, or as a long-suffering partner of someone who snores. But while snoring is extremely common, in some cases a person’s snoring can point to a more serious problem, like sleep apnea. While it may not be immediately apparent, …

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What Does Good “Sleep Hygiene” Look Like?

hotel, travel, relationships, and happiness concept - happy coup

Getting a good amount of sleep each night is essential to your overall health and well-being. But why exactly is that? And what does a good amount of sleep look like? At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, we believe that a better understanding of your sleep hygiene can lead to more efficient sleep practices …

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