How Stress Affects Sleep and What Can You Do About It?

Stress and sleep disorders

It’s no secret that stress has a direct, negative effect on our sleeping patterns. But, the reason for this relationship remains mysterious for most people. This is true even though about one-third of Americans don’t get sufficient rest. The issue has become so widespread that the Center for Disease Control now considers sleep deprivation to be a national …

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Breathing Exercises for Stress

Stress can happen for a variety of reasons. We all encounter stress in our daily lives, whether there’s a project at work due or a huge school exam coming up. Perhaps we have to have a difficult conversation with a family member, and the looming anticipation is causing stress. All of these situations induce stress …

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Is Your Child Stressed Out?

These days, children have to deal with significant demands on their time. Whereas previous generations only had to be concerned about maintaining their grades, social life and extracurricular responsibilities, the rise of the Internet upset that paradigm. The prevalence of various social media platforms and peer pressure to use them means that children can now …

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