Unusual Asthma Triggers to Watch Out For

Anyone familiar with asthma can look out for the signs and symptoms as they start to occur. However, some of the signs of asthma are not so obvious. Whether your symptoms can end up triggered by incense, pet dander, or even certain cleaning products, there could exist an irritant right under your nose and you don’t even notice it. Below we cover some key unusual asthma triggers to watch out for.

Unusual Asthma Triggers to Watch Out For

If you or your child are experiencing chronic symptoms of asthma, and you can’t seem to identify the source of your troubles, it’s time to get in touch with your trusted asthma doctor right away. We can help you get to the bottom of your condition by identifying possible triggers within the home. Today, your New York specialist wants you to know about some of the more unusual asthma triggers to watch out for on a daily basis.

Seasonal Changes

The weather can have a drastic effect on your respiratory system. This can be frustrating when you live in an environment with rapidly-changing weather. From gusts of humidity to sudden torrential downpours, it can be difficult for your body to keep up with these environmental events. Not to mention, certain seasonal changes can push pollens and other allergens through the air, which can exacerbate your existing symptoms of asthma.

Perfumes, Air Fresheners, and Incense

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? While there are endless brands and scents to choose from, each fragrance is made up of different chemicals that can really do a number on your health. For instance, the chemicals in many air fresheners are known to irritate sensitive respiratory systems, easily closing up airways and making breathing more difficult around the house. Next time you want to spruce up your home or your body with a sweet fragrance, get a good look at the ingredients list first.


Chlorine is a chemical found in swimming pools and it is mainly used to keep the water free of germs. While chlorine itself is not an actual asthma trigger, it can heavily irritate your lungs and breathing airways. In fact, professional studies have shown a direct link between chlorine exposure and increased asthma symptoms. If you are about to take a trip down to the pool, be careful when you swim and breathe in fresh air often.


Taking too much Aspirin can result in a number of health problems; namely, Aspirin can trigger an asthma attack under certain circumstances. This is also true of Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medications. If you are already experiencing the symptoms of asthma, taking Aspirin may only aggravate those symptoms further. You may be more likely to have an asthma attack after taking a non-steroidal drug like this.


It’s no secret that alcohol is terrible for your body. Not only can it eventually damage your liver and poison your blood, but it can also make it more difficult for you to breathe regularly. Asthma patients who drink heavily are much more likely to experience asthma attacks on a regular basis. It is a good idea to try and curb this habit as much as possible so you can set yourself up for a lifetime of great respiratory health.

Manage and Mitigate Your Asthma Triggers Today

Asthma triggers can come from just about anywhere, so it’s best to be as prepared as you can. Learn to identify more asthma triggers and get a handle on your conditions so you can continue living life in peace. Get in touch with Dr. Mayank Shukla, our top-rated pediatric pulmonologist in Queens, to learn about the best asthma treatments for young children. We look forward to helping you make your home a safe, asthma-free space for the whole family!

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