Allergies and a Sore Throat

Experiencing a sore throat is one of the biggest nuisances and it can be worse when your symptoms are a direct result of your allergies, such as a swollen throat, difficulty eating, and pain when swallowing. Being sick is one thing, but allergies are a cyclical or geographical problem that is even more annoying because, no matter how safe you are being, you can experience it. Since a simple throat lozenge can only provide temporary relief and doesn’t get to the root of the problem, many people consult Dr. Shukla for their allergy treatment in NYC.

Take note of your triggers

When you are regularly or seasonally experiencing allergy symptoms, like a sore throat, it is important to take note of indicators and reactions. For example, if you notice that every time you walk into a home with cats you experience a swollen and sore throat, it is important to note this information. Knowing your potential triggers and common responses will help your doctor identify the issue at your allergy treatment in NYC. Once you narrow down what the triggers are, it is much easier to either avoid those triggers, or start taking steps towards reversing the effects. Knowledge is always more powerful than ignorance and pinpointing the cause of your allergies is the first step in ridding yourself of the problem.

Visit a professional

Now that you are being cognizant of your allergy triggers, you will be able to identify the specific allergy. Some common allergies that people experience are from pollen, certain flowers and trees, dust, cigarette smoke, pet fur, and mold. However, there are a multitude of other allergens out there, so make sure to see a professional when figuring out what triggers allergy symptoms, like sore throats. With the popular and effective skin prick and blood tests, you will know exactly what you are allergic to and which treatment options are the best for you. A professional in the allergy field, such as Dr. Shukla, can give you even more insight into what your allergy causes are, and will be able to provide allergy treatment in NYC.

Treating Allergy Symptoms

While the initial thought would be to completely avoid the allergen all together, unfortunately, that is not always an option. Especially when it comes to outdoor allergies that occur where you live, it is impossible to avoid going outside altogether. Fortunately, there are both over-the-counter options and natural remedies available to help combat the allergy symptoms you experience. For example, prescription-strength medication can be prescribed by Dr. Shukla to combat sore throats and relieve any pain you are experiencing. Not everyone wants to become reliant on medication, and there are some home remedies that can help soothe the symptoms as well. Sipping on warm soup or hot tea can be a natural remedy that can be extremely effective. Honey is also a soothing and infection fighting ingredient that can be added to your teas and other remedies. One of the most tried and true options is to gargle with salt water to help alleviate the pain, as well as rid your throat of nasty bacteria.

Allergies manifest in many different ways, but one thing is consistent, the symptoms are always annoying. Don’t let your sore throat caused by allergies persist any longer. Instead, visit a professional for testing and symptom relief. Contact Dr. Shukla for allergy treatment in NYC and use his knowledge to your advantage.

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