What to Do if Your Child Gets Bronchitis

You may have heard the warning signs. A deep cough, lots of sniffles, and worrying symptoms that last for a few weeks. If your child is showing the signs of bronchitis, it’s important to get them to a pulmonologist right away. While bronchitis in children typically goes away on its own after a while, there is still a chance that it can become chronic. Now’s the time to take them to a qualified pulmonologist in New York.

At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, we are qualified and specialized in the treatment of bronchitis and other lung conditions in children. If you are suspecting that your child’s wet cough is more than just a chest cold, here’s what our friendly staff members can do for your loved one right away. Don’t hesitate to bring your child for an important checkup!

Find the Cause

Understanding what caused bronchitis in the first place can be key in assisting the diagnosing and recovery of the temporary condition. Our pulmonologist in New York can make decisions about prescriptions and treatment plans based on how the bronchitis was formed, and what made it first appear in the lungs of your child.

The most common cause for bronchitis is a virus, which can be spread through the air or by physical contact. It is not rare for children to get viruses based on their environment or who they’ve been around. It is even difficult for adults to avoid viruses when navigating public spaces! This is the same kind of virus that causes the common cold, which is why there is typically nothing to worry about. If symptoms do persist, though, Dr. Shukla may diagnose your child with acute bronchitis.

Recognize the Symptoms

Knowing the difference between cold symptoms and bronchitis symptoms can help Dr. Shukla more easily diagnose the condition. Be sure to bring your child in to see us right away if they display one or more of the following traits:

  • Body aches
  • Consistent tiredness
  • Wet coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Labored breathing
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Fever

Our staff is equipped to help alleviate these specific symptoms while also helping you and your child to understand the symptoms more clearly.

Choose the Perfect Treatment Plan

After thoroughly assessing and diagnosing the status of your child’s bronchitis, you and Dr. Shukla can then come up with a treatment plan that works best for your situation. Many doctors and parents decide on home remedies and over-the-counter treatment plans that can work to relieve symptoms while the bronchitis virus naturally goes away on its own.

Some at-home substances, such as dark honey and a humidifier, can do the trick while the symptoms disappear. In other cases, Dr. Shukla may recommend a stronger anti-viral medicine that can be prescribed or purchased on your own.

Since bronchitis is a viral infection and not a bacterial one, there are no antibiotics required. It is very rare that a prescription drug is necessary to help your child recover from their bronchitis symptoms. In most cases, after a few weeks, the symptoms will subside, and your child will start to regain their strength. But if you are ever uncertain, it is important to schedule a consultation with us right away.

Pediatric Pulmonologist in New York

Dr. Mayank Shukla recommends a visit to the office as soon as your child starts displaying the symptoms of bronchitis. While the virus can go away on its own, it is important to take all precautionary measures to ensure that your child is protected and on the right path to success. If your child is sick, schedule an appointment with our friendly team right away. You can reach us online or at (917) 765-7469 for more assistance!

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