Can Kids With Asthma Play Sports?

Asthma affects millions of children in the United States. The condition is common, but it can be frightening for children and their parents. The respiratory issue should be treated and managed properly, which can be done with the help of a skilled medical professional that specializes in asthma. Physical activity is vitally important for children’s social, emotional, and physical development, and sports are a great way to facilitate that. But can kids with asthma play sports? Children with asthma can participate in sports activities but should always be prepared if an asthma attack arises.

Asthma in Children

Asthma is the most common chronic lung disease in children and affects approximately 6 million children in the United States alone. Most children with asthma have symptoms before even turning five years old. However, it can often be difficult for parents to recognize asthma symptoms. This is because the passageways that allow air to enter and exit the lungs in infants and toddlers are very small, narrow, and not fully developed. Certain common illnesses like a cold or flu can inflame the airways making them smaller than they already are.

Childhood asthma can present in multiple ways. It may be a cough that lasts days or weeks, sudden breathing emergencies, colds that settle in your child’s chest, or even wheezing or whistling sounds when breathing. This can all be really scary for both parents and children. However, medical professionals trained in pulmonary and respiratory issues can effectively spot the signs of asthma in children. Dr. Shukla provides the best asthma treatment NYC has to offer.

Children with Asthma and Sports

As a parent, your top concern is your child’s health. With that, you may be wondering if it is safe for your child to play sports. In short, can kids with asthma play sports? It is definitely safe as long as your child’s asthma is managed well. Physical activity, sports, and working out can all help children with asthma stay physically fit and maintain a healthy weight. It also helps strengthen their breathing muscles, which can help with lung capacity and function. Sports vary in their level of endurance and physical difficulty. Below you will find which sports work best for children with asthma.

Mild Sports Activities:

Golf, yoga, biking, and baseball are all mild sports activities that are the least likely to trigger asthma attacks of flareups.

Intermediate Sports Activities:

Basketball, football, gymnastics, and short track and field events are good choices for children with asthma. These are more rigorous than the mild sports activities listed above, so it’s important to use caution if your child participates.

Intense Sports Activities:

Endurance running, long-distance cycling, soccer, basketball, cross-country skiing, and ice hockey can all be difficult for children with asthma. However, athletes with asthma have proven it is not impossible so long as your child is taking the right dose and type of medicine, in addition to proper training techniques.

Managing Asthma in Children

Talking with a medical professional that specializes in asthma is vital as they will need to provide a healthy plan for your child based on their unique needs. Below are some of the most common ways asthma is managed in children.

  • Medicine: Taking the proper dose and type of medicine is vital for the long-term control of asthma. Without regular medication, symptoms can get worse and lead to severe flareups. Your child should always carry quick-relief medication to treat potential flareups.
  • Workouts: Children should skip workouts outdoors when the pollen or mold counts are high. Workouts should include a warm-up and cool down that allows for a gentle transition in and out of working out.
  • Breathing: Children should breathe through their nose when they are exercising. If the weather is cold, wearing a scarf or ski mask while exercising is helpful.

Respiratory Specialist in New York

If your child has any issues with their breathing or you think they may have asthma, contact Dr. Shukla. As a top asthma doctor in Manhattan, he is experienced in addressing pulmonary and respiratory issues. Instead of fearing the worse, contact Dr. Shukla and his team for medical advice. He can diagnose and treat your child, so you can be prepared for any issue related to your child’s asthma.

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