Can Your Sleeping Habits Affect Conception?

If you are planning on having a child, you might wonder if your habits will end up affecting whether or not you will be able to conceive. While many people know the basics of what circumstances are needed to conceive, they might not know that small behaviors can greatly change whether or not you can are successful with conception. In fact, difficulty sleeping and sleep deprivation can cause problems with fertility in both men and women. With that in mind, here are some tips you can use to best match your sleep cycle to maximize potential for conception.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep


While you might think that getting more sleep would be the right way to go about conceiving, the truth is that you should get the recommended amount of seven or eight hours. More than that might indicate that you have some other health issues going on and that can make it much more difficult for you to have a child. Setting an alarm and addressing any problems you might have is the best solution, as getting over the appropriate amount of sleep consistently can be just as bad for the fertility of both partners.

Make Sure Your Sleep Is Not Disrupted


Regular disruptions in you and your partners sleep can lead toward certain disorders of the reproductive system. Hormone secretion is generally controlled by your circadian rhythm, and not matching these rhythms will have a major impact on hormone release. Improving your sleep habits and getting undisturbed sleep will help to regulate reproductive hormones.

While sleep can help to keep your whole system healthier, a lack of it can also cause male sperm count to drop to levels that are associated with sickness. A lack of sleep or frequently disrupted sleep can also cause insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, or increased stress, all of which contribute to infertility and problems conceiving. In some circumstances, sleep deprivation and not having a regular sleep cycle can cause an increase in miscarriage risk or complications with a pregnancy.

Before deciding to conceive, you and your partner should consult your medical professional for a preconception care check up. If either of you are having any difficulty sleeping or other sleep disorders, Dr. Shukla can make a diagnosis and help to treat your particular disorder before you try to concieve for the general health and wellness of your potential newborn.

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