Effects of Climate Change on Children with Asthma

As summers get hotter and winters get colder, it is hard to deny that the effects of climate change are all around us. But the globe’s changing weather patterns aren’t just affecting our outside world – serious changes are happening inside the human body as well. And the effects of climate change on children with asthma are perhaps the most serious.

In recent years, an increasing number of studies have shown that climate change has a significant impact on kids with asthma. Children who have this chronic breathing condition may be faced with more severe or adverse symptoms of asthma, depending on the climate and all of its rapid changes.

The quality of the air is getting worse, and even plants and animals are changing their behaviors. It is evident that people with respiratory issues are particularly sensitive to the changes in the world’s climate.

If your young loved one has asthma, be sure to read up on the effects of climate change on asthmatic children so you can best prepare your family for any kind of weather. And visit an expert in pediatric asthma care in NYC.

Climate Change and Respiratory Health

Climate change is making the air more difficult to breathe. People without asthma or any other respiratory issues may be sensitive to this change in air quality; you can imagine how people with asthma must be responding to the lack of clean air.

Air pollution is a direct trigger for asthma. It aggravates the respiratory system, causing people to feel all the symptoms of asthma at once. This aggravation typically comes from ground-level pollution.

Ground-Level Ozone

According to the AAFA, children are the most prone to adverse effects from ground-level ozone. This describes climate change that has occurred due to an increase in temperature on the ground. Rather than the atmosphere above us being changed, it is the air we breathe and walk in that is changing.

Ground-level ozone is most dangerous to children, the elderly, and anyone else with preexisting respiratory disorders. When we use fossil fuels, they emit a chemical that has a bad reaction with the ozone in the air, making it very unhealthy for people to breathe.

The Dangers of Spring

One thing most people know is that climate change is totally transforming different seasons. In many places across the world, the spring season is starting to last longer as the temperatures of the Earth continue to rise. This means plants grow for longer periods of time, adding even more pollens and allergens to the air than usual.

For someone with asthma, this is a very dangerous situation that could make it nearly impossible to go outside.

Coping with Asthma and Climate Change

Climate change has had real effects on children with asthma. Not only is it more difficult to breathe, but there is also the likelihood of having more frequent asthma attacks. If you are concerned about the health and well-being of your child, you should work closely with a trusted asthma specialist.

There are things you can do to prevent your child’s asthma from worsening because of climate change. Whether your child needs new medication or other coping methods, there is always a way to create a good plan of care. Visit a top pulmonologist New York has to offer.

Get the Right Asthma Treatment Today!

The world is already witness to all the changes coming from climate change. Unfortunately, such adverse changes to the air can cause an increase in respiratory issues as well. Kids with asthma are prone to more attacks and more severe symptoms due to the conditions caused by climate change.

Schedule an appointment with your certified sleep specialist today and create a prevention plan to help your loved one stay comfortable and healthy. No matter what other conditions may come as a result of climate change, you can invest in the best treatment options with a professional and experienced team.

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