Anatomy of a Childhood Lung

Concept image of a childhood lung

Anybody dealing with pulmonary issues must visit a lung care specialist to get proper treatment. While people of all ages can visit the same doctor, there is a big difference in the way lungs are treated depending on how old the patient is. A lot of parents don’t know that the anatomy of a childhood …

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Living with Asthma: Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Winter

Living with asthma: outdoor activities to enjoy in winter.

Getting through the winter with asthma is never fun. The cold air, smoking fires, and an abundance of dusty holiday decorations are a constant challenge for your respiratory system to handle, even if you don’t have allergies exacerbating your asthma. Unfortunately, the holiday season can be even harder for asthmatic children. Living with asthma can …

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Effects of Climate Change on Children with Asthma

Effects of climate change on children with asthma

As summers get hotter and winters get colder, it is hard to deny that the effects of climate change are all around us. But the globe’s changing weather patterns aren’t just affecting our outside world – serious changes are happening inside the human body as well. And the effects of climate change on children with …

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