Exercise and Lung Health

Exercise has often been known as a helpful remedy for a variety of health issues. From depression and anxiety to insomnia, getting in some cardio or weight training can really change things for the better. Exercise and lung health are also closely related in terms of your overall health. Below you will find more information on the benefits of exercise and the positive effect it can have on your lung health.

Exercise and Lung Health

Exercise is a major benefit to your lungs. This is because your heart and lungs work harder to supply oxygen to your muscles due to the increased demand from being physically active. As you work on your fitness, your lungs get better at getting oxygen into your bloodstream and to your muscles. Exercise not only makes your muscles strong, but it also makes your lungs much stronger. This is why you’ll notice that you are short of breath less and less as you continue to work on your fitness through exercise.

Exercising 101

While it is advisable to talk with your doctor about how much you should exercise, starting slow and building slow is always a good plan. It is recommended that adults get at least half an hour of exercise at least five times a week. The type of exercise you do is completely up to you! Anything from weight training to cardio can benefit your lungs. Start slow with moderate activities such as walking, light jogging, yoga, swimming, or riding a bike. Once you get in better shape, you can turn it up a notch, and the sky is the limit. Basketball, weight lifting, running, jumping rope, pilates, or even skateboarding can all be great forms of exercise. Getting started is the first step and everything from then on is a win!

Exercising and Lung Issues

Do you have lung disease or another lung issue? Either way, exercise should remain just as important as if you didn’t have the lung issue. The caveat is that it is vital that you work with a skilled pulmonologist to find an exercise plan that works for you and your condition. It may be intimidating, but starting slow and gradually building your routine under the supervision of a medical professional can be a major benefit for your lungs and overall health.

Children’s Health and Exercise

Talk with your pediatrician about your child and their physical activity. This is completely dependent on their age, skill level, and whether they have any pulmonary issues. Children with pulmonary issues may need to be placed on a specialized exercise plan, in addition to pulmonary treatment. If you are concerned about your child’s health when playing or exercising, contact the best pediatric pulmonologist in NYC for a consultation. They can provide you with a diagnosis, if necessary, and a healthy treatment play to ensure your child develops physically, socially, and emotionally just like any other child.

Asthma Doctor in NYC

If your child suffers from asthma, or if you are concerned they may have pulmonary issues, contact Dr. Shukla. Dr. Shukla works board-certified in pediatric critical care medicine, pediatrics, and pediatric pulmonology. He has over 5,000 asthma patients each year and was voted the best asthma doctor in New York City! He has even been featured in The New York Times for his work. Due to the developmental milestones your child needs to reach, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. It may seem intimidating at first, but getting your child the proper care to ensure their lungs stay healthy is paramount to their overall health. Contact the best asthma doctor in NYC today for a consultation!

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