How to Improve Your Lungs

The importance of lifelong lung health is immeasurable as every cell in your body needs oxygen to live. But you might not know how to improve your lungs. The air we breathe in contains oxygen which is transferred from your lungs to your bloodstream. Once it’s in your bloodstream, it is carried throughout your body, providing a vital function integral for your overall health and daily living. Ensuring your lungs are strong is important for your health as an adult.

However, children can also strengthen their lungs to establish a strong base to carry them into a healthy adulthood. The reason lung health is so important is because chronic lower respiratory diseases were among the top leading causes of death. Some of which could have been prevented with healthy lifestyle habits and avoiding certain activities, such as smoking. Below you will find helpful tips for how to improve your lungs to ensure they are healthy for the rest of your life.

Top Ways to Improve Your Lungs


One of the most proactive ways to ensure your lungs are healthy is to exercise. This is not just any exercise though, as it is important that you get your heart rate up and breathing hard. Your lungs are a lot like the rest of your muscles in the sense that they need to be worked out. For adults, this may mean walking on the treadmill, taking a long run, or even a workout class. However, it’s important to get your children in on the action. This may be in the form of a game of tag, flag football, or even roller-skating with the whole family. Be sure and include your children in a healthy exercise regimen as it can help with their lung health even when they’re young.

Deep Breaths:

This may seem so simple, but taking deep breaths can work out your lungs. Most people take shallow, short breaths from their chest. This means that they are only using a small portion of their lung capacity. Deep breathing can help clear your lungs out and create a full oxygen change. Leaving in that old oxygen and failing to use your lung’s full capacity can weaken them over time. Talk with your child about deep breathing and even try some helpful videos online so your whole family can stay healthy together.

No Smoking:

If you an adult who smokes, the evidence is clear on how it can impact your lung health. However, if you have children, it is vital that you quit smoking, especially around them. Secondhand smoke is highly problematic and can weaken your child’s lungs before they are even fully developed. Refraining from the harmful substance can help keep you and your whole family healthy.

Lung Health and Asthma

Asthma is the most common chronic condition among children and it currently affects over 6 million children in the United States. While ensuring your child’s lung health is vital to their overall health, they may require a different regimen if they suffer from asthma. If you think your child may have asthma, it’s important to consult with an asthma doctor in Queens. Consulting with an asthma doctor can help get your child on a successful short- and long-term treatment plan for optimal lung health.

Asthma Doctor in New York

Learning how to improve your lungs is one the best things you can do for your body. Our guide walks you through what you can do. If you think your child has asthma or if they have already been diagnosed, contact Dr. Shukla at the Asthma & Sleep Institute. He has decades of experience addressing pulmonary and respiratory issues, including asthma. He is a skilled pulmonologist that can provide your family with comprehensive pulmonary care. Contact the best asthma doctor in New York today for an appointment!

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