Living with Food Allergies

Living with food allergies can seem like a daunting task. With sneaky ingredients constantly threatening to induce an allergic reaction, it is important to know how to keep yourself out of any harm. Following these few practices can make living with your food allergy easy and safe.

Identify Labels

If you live with a food allergy, it is vital to know each potential name for that food. Labeling on packages can be tricky, as certain foods can go by multiple names. Along with correct identification of an allergen, repeated monitoring of labels is necessary. Food companies can change the packages within the span of a few months, so be sure to check each label every time before making a purchase. Just because a food was safe for consumption once does not mean it will be safe every single time. Take the time to continually check to prevent any harmful consumption.

Research Outings

Living with food allergies can present social challenges, especially when many activities revolve around grabbing a bite to eat. You don’t have to let this slow you down or prevent you from joining in on group food based activities. If you know you will be attending a restaurant, be sure to research their menu to see what food options appear to be best suited towards you. After viewing the menu, calling the restaurant is always a good idea. You can confirm that the dish of your choosing does not have any harmful ingredients and you can confirm that their facility does not cook with additional materials that would be harmful. Never be afraid to ask and insist it be prepared as you need. Your safety is what matters most.

Stay Prepared

Accidents unfortunately happen, which is why is it necessary to always carry with you your Epinephrine Auto-Injector pen (Epipen). Instructions along with proper care and handling of your pen can be found on the prescribed package. Most pens are easy to operate. Make sure you know how to operate your pen in case of an emergency.

It is also important to keep with you a list of all personal allergens, so medical professionals can be aware of your allergies if necessary. Identification bracelets can also be purchased through third party retailers and worn by patients to better serve medical response services. The key to avoiding any unwanted situation is staying prepared.

Keep Organized

If you are not sure about the reactions you have to particular foods, keeping an organized allergen journal can be a great help. Whenever you notice a reaction, of any form, take the time to write down the food you encountered and the specific symptom that you suffered. This can later be shown to your health care provider to better understand your specific allergies.

Make sure all medications and treatments are taken on a routine schedule. This organized practice will ensure the highest amount of protection against your allergies.

Stay Connected

Know that you are never alone in fighting your battle against allergies. 30% of adult Americans suffer from allergies, and those numbers continue to rise each day. Support groups can be an essential tool in managing allergies. Support groups offer a way for patients to interact with one another and discuss the varying challenges they face in their everyday lives because of allergies. A list support ground in your area can be found here.

Professional Care

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