Preparing Your Kid for Allergy Testing

Allergies impact millions of Americans and can have a serious impact on one’s daily life. Among those with allergies, roughly one-third of children have an allergy. There are various types of allergies, including drug, food, pollen, insect, or mold allergies, to name just a few. Getting treatment early on can help your child’s health outcomes if they have an allergy. Below you will find helpful information on preparing your kid for allergy testing.

Preparing Your Kid for Allergy Testing

Kids can have anxiety about medical appointments so it’s important to prepare them for allergy testing. Consider the following tips to ensure your child is ready for their appointment!

Start A Conversation:

Talk with your child about the appointment. Going to the doctor can trigger anxiety in children, but providing them with information can ease their fears. There’s a line between providing too much information and not enough, so focus on an age-appropriate conversation. Let your child know that allergy testing is not painful and that it can be helpful to their overall health. Most importantly, it can help reduce any harmful allergy symptoms they have been experiencing.

Keep Them Busy:

Keeping your child busy with a familiar distraction can help make the allergy testing process go much smoother. Whether it’s a book, tablet, special blanket, or small toy, a distraction can keep your child happy throughout the appointment. Let your child know in advance that they get to pick one item to bring during the appointment. This gets them involved in the process and can help ease any fears they have.

Avoid Certain Drugs:

If your child takes antihistamines or other allergy or cold medication regularly, avoid giving them to your child for at least 3 to 5 days before the allergy test. Consult with an allergy specialist in New York City for more details on what medications you should avoid giving your child before testing. They can provide you with more information on how to prepare the appointment.

Allergy Testing in New York City

If you think your child may have an allergy, it’s important to get them tested immediately. Not only can this help your child feel better, but early intervention is key in preventing other harmful health issues related to untreated allergies. One common issue connected to untreated allergies is asthma.

Intradermal Allergy Testing

Intradermal allergy testing in New York City is an effective allergy testing method. The test involves injecting a small amount of the suspected allergen under your child’s skin. This is done on the upper portion of their arm. It takes roughly 20 minutes for a reaction to develop on your child’s skin. Reactions often include swelling and redness as it looks like a small hive. An allergy specialist then measures the size of the bump to determine if your child is in fact allergic.

Benefits of Intradermal Testing

Intradermal testing is more sensitive than a regular skin prick test so it provides more consistent results. In some cases, a skin prick test alone can result in false negatives. Allergens can be missed so it’s always important to have an intradermal allergy test. This ensures that you know all of the allergens your child is allergic to. Without this, treatment is not as effective. Other than itching and redness, the intradermal allergy test is not painful. Soothing cream is provided afterwards and the area should clear up within a few hours.

Schedule Allergy Testing

If you are concerned that your child has undiagnosed allergies, contact Dr. Mayank Shukla at the Asthma & Sleep Institute. Dr. Shukla has years of experience working with children affected by allergies. Schedule a consultation today!

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