What Makes Kids Susceptible to Allergies?

What makes kids susceptible to allergies?

As of 2001, around 35% of all children deal with some form of allergy. But what makes kids susceptible to allergies? A report published in Paediatrics Child Health shows that these numbers have been steadily increasing and may continue to increase. Therefore, as a parent, it pays to know a little about allergies and what …

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Supporting Children with Asthma

Asthma affects people of all ages. As parents, we deal with a wide range of issues and learning how to support our children through difficult periods is what makes us stronger—and brings us closer together. If have children with asthma, you know your job comes with a few extra challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of …

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How to Keep Your Child’s Asthma Symptoms Under Control

Asthma is a chronic condition which causes your airways to become sore and swollen. This is due to the airways becoming inflamed by everything from allergens (such as mold, pollen, and animal dander), to air pollution or even exercise. In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 20 million people suffer from asthma. Unfortunately, …

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Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe From Pet Allergies

Parents of children, with pet allergies, face a pretty difficult dilemma. Without a doubt, parents want to keep their kids’ allergies under control, however, they don’t want to put their beloved, family pet up for adoption. Here are a few tips on how to make your home a welcoming place for, both, your children and …

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Five Lessons Learned About My Child’s Asthma Attacks

Asthma Attacks: 5 Valuable Lessons It can be a very frightening time when a parent finds out that their child has asthma. Although asthma has no cure, there are a number of treatment options available that can be used to make the condition manageable. The first step, in helping your child adapt to their new …

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Does My Child Have a Cold or Asthma?

Asthma is a condition that affects millions of children and adults across the globe. When one or both parents have asthma, a child will have a greater risk of having lung disease, but the reality is that many children can develop asthma even if there is no family history of the condition. As an asthma …

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