Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe From Pet Allergies

Parents of children, with pet allergies, face a pretty difficult dilemma. Without a doubt, parents want to keep their kids’ allergies under control, however, they don’t want to put their beloved, family pet up for adoption. Here are a few tips on how to make your home a welcoming place for, both, your children and your pets.

Make Your Child’s Bedroom a Pet-Free Zone

Children who have a pet allergy typically aren’t reacting to the pet itself, but, rather, it’s dandruff. To address this issue, you should make your son, or daughter’s, room a pet free zone. In addition, you should also make it a point to dust and vacuum that area on a weekly basis. Doing so will keep allergens that your child may have, unintentionally, tracked into their room from triggering an attack. That way, your family can still interact with a beloved pet and carry on with their normal routine, without having to deal with constant allergy attacks.

Vacuum and Dust Your Home Weekly

Obviously, parents will try to keep their homes as hygienic as possible, but when dealing with allergens and pet dander, extra steps will have to be taken. In addition to vacuuming all your carpets and mopping all your floors, on a weekly basis, you should also dust all countertops, drapes, window sills, lamps, entertainment centers, shelves, chairs, tables, couches and any other furniture in the common areas of your home.

Keep Your Pet Away From the Laundry

Like the afflicted child’s bedroom, your laundry room should also be a pet free zone. By doing this, you’ll prevent your pet’s dandruff from getting on your child’s beddings, and clothing, while it’s being washed and dried. You also don’t want any allergens to become embedded in your child’s seasonal clothing, such as winter coats for bathing suits, or extra heavy blankets that you only use the winter.

Purchase Some Air Purifiers

Another way you can minimize your child exposure to pet dander is to purchase and install some high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA air purifiers In your child’s bedroom and any common areas like the living room or kitchen. HEPA air filters are designed to take in air and filter out mold and plant spores, pet dander, smoke, dust mites and other substances that may irritate a person’s allergies. By regularly cleaning and using air filters, you can greatly reduce the amount of allergens your child is exposed to.

Consult With A Qualified Doctor

If you’ve taken all the above listed measures and your child’s condition is still a point of concern, contact us today to set up an appointment. Dr. Shulka has the expertise to treat your child’s illness in a way that will give them the highest possible quality of life.

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