When to Keep Your Child with Asthma Home from School

Asthma is a serious breathing condition that can differ in severity and intensity throughout various times of the year. Children who are prone to asthma attacks should be watched carefully so that their breathing issues can be resolved before there are any major dangers.

Dr. Mayank Shukla is a top-rated asthma doctor in Queens, specializing in children’s asthma and other pulmonary conditions. If you feel that your child is struggling to breathe, it may be a good idea to keep them home from school. But how do you know when it’s safe for them to go to school, and when they require further supervision? It can sometimes be hard to tell when the best time is to take your child to the doctor. Here are a few guidelines and symptoms to look out for that can let you know when you should keep your child home from school.

Signs of Developing Asthma in Children

If your child is communicating that they have trouble breathing, or if there are some visible cues you notice yourself, you should schedule an appointment with an asthma doctor in Queens right away. Here are some of the major risk factors that can directly contribute to the development of asthma:

  • Related to a direct family member with asthma
  • A low birth weight
  • Currently overweight
  • Chest pain or pressure in the lungs
  • Prone to allergies such as hay fever
  • Prolonged exposure to allergens and bacteria in the environment

An asthma attack can come rapidly and suddenly, without any warning. If your child is talking about having difficulty breathing, they may be on the verge of an attack. Some of the signs that an asthma attack is on the way include:

  • Trouble talking
  • Chest pain
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Tightening of neck and chest muscles
  • Pale face or blue lips

It’s imperative to seek asthma care for your child as quickly as possible, as this condition seriously affects their ability to breathe. So, when is this condition tolerable, and when it is too much to go to school with?

When to Keep Your Child Home from School

Trace amounts of chest pressure or congestion may not be vitally dangerous, and typically you can send your child to school if they are experiencing only mild symptoms. But as soon as they start expressing some real difficulties, you should not allow them to go to school for the day.

You should seriously consider keeping your child home from school if they have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A high fever of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or if they feel extremely flushed
  • Inability to sleep because of their asthma symptoms
  • Wheezing or coughing constantly
  • Shortness of breath or a tight chest
  • Inability to speak a full sentence or talk easily
  • Constantly tired or weak, and unable to perform normal daily activities

When your child is going through a difficult breathing experience, it’s important to take them to an asthma specialist as soon as possible. The symptoms of asthma can worsen over time, increasing in severity and causing irreversible damage. By getting help from your preferred asthma doctor in Queens, you can ensure the long, healthy, and happy life of your child. Removing them from school for a few days to help ease the severity of asthma is worth it to prevent potential future damage.

Asthma Doctor in Queens

At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, we carry the tools and resources needed to treat asthma efficiently and effectively. Dr. Shukla is a specialty asthma doctor in Queens, working particularly with children who suffer from breathing problems. If you’re looking for a reliable treatment plan for your child’s asthma, be sure to contact us online right away. You can also give us a call at (917) 935-4864 to speak with a friendly representative right away.

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