What are the Different Types of Sleep Apnea?

Overweight Man Asleep In Bed Snoring

As a specialist in sleep medicine and pulmonary issues, Dr. Mayank Shukla is passionate about educating patients as much as possible about sleep and asthma treatment in New York. It’s important that patients can understand and identify the source of their breathing problems, especially when they are sleep related. Often, these patients become diagnosed with …

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The Hidden Risks of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea using CPAP , machine SLEEP APNEA , Diagnosis Sleep

Among all sleep disorders, sleep apnea may be the most destructive . It occurs when you stop breathing during sleep due to a blocked airway. Common warning signs are loud snoring, choking or gasping sounds. People with sleep apnea report feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep. The most severe forms of sleep apnea …

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Sleep Disorders in Women

Too lazy to get out of bed, a woman covers her face with a pillow

Women tend to be prone to sleep disorders more than men, depending on their state of health and well-being. It’s important to be able to recognize and identify the different types of sleep disorders that may occur in women, so that they may receive the proper care and treatment. At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, …

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Staying Hydrated to Make Up for CPAP Machine Dry-Mouth

Man laying on his back wearing CPAP mask ,healthcare concept.

If you are suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea, you are most likely using a CPAP machine while you sleep for sleep apnea treatment. If this is the case, then you are certainly familiar with the dry-mouthed feeling that can occur at night and in the mornings. While CPAP machines are beneficial and often life-saving …

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Most Relaxing Activities Before Bed

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A relaxed mind and body is the key to having a full night’s rest. It’s important to understand the necessity of a good night’s sleep for better health and well-being. In order to achieve a great sleep, you can invest in a variety of relaxing activities before bed to help you wind down. At the …

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Are You Snoring or is it Sleep Apnea?

Young girl can't sleep because of her man's snoring.

90 million Americans snore during sleep, as you’re likely to already know either as a sufferer yourself, or as a long-suffering partner of someone who snores. But while snoring is extremely common, in some cases a person’s snoring can point to a more serious problem, like sleep apnea. While it may not be immediately apparent, …

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Tips for Sleeping on a Plane


You have booked your dream vacation to… Thailand! or Kenya! or Australia! No matter where you are going, you know you’re in for a long flight. You also know that if you don’t want to waste days of your precious vacation time catching up on sleep, you’d better find a way to catch some Zzz’s …

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What Does Good “Sleep Hygiene” Look Like?

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Getting a good amount of sleep each night is essential to your overall health and well-being. But why exactly is that? And what does a good amount of sleep look like? At the office of Dr. Mayank Shukla, we believe that a better understanding of your sleep hygiene can lead to more efficient sleep practices …

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Recognizing the Different Stages of Sleep

Sleeping Woman

It turns out REM is not just your favorite 90’s band. The band is named after Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occurs during the deepest stage of sleep where you experience the most dream activity.  There is also NREM or Non-REM sleep which occurs in four phases. Understanding the different stages of the sleep cycle …

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How to Look for Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Pretty Blonde Girl In Sailor T-shirt, Lying On White Pillow, Smi

Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that affects an estimated 25 million Americans, which affects breathing during sleep.  Breathing can become extremely shallow or even pause throughout the night, which can then become disruptive to the overall sleep cycle.  This may not seem significant, but if left untreated, can result in a number of …

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