What Can You do at Home to Help Asthma?

Wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing — these are symptoms of asthma people know all too well. What may be a beautiful, sunny, spring day to one person can be an absolute nightmare for someone with asthma. So what can someone with this condition do to enjoy their life and the outdoors without the hassle of these symptoms? Seeing an asthma doctor like Dr. Shukla is always best, but there are also some home remedies you can try to make your asthma easier to cope with.

Get Rid of Allergy Irritants

Perhaps the most important step toward living an easier life with asthma is to identify your irritants. Most people with asthma will have a few specific things that trigger their asthma or an asthma attack. Reducing dust and dander by keeping a clean home, regularly washing carpets or rugs, and using organic, natural cleaners free of chemicals is a great place to start. Once you identify your triggers, which could also be cats, certain plants, or particular mold, you can work on getting rid of them in the area in which you live.


Asthma is basically just your body having an allergic reaction, creating inflammation. In order to treat inflammation, you can incorporate some healthy, nutrient-rich foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. This includes anti-oxidants, vitamin C, magnesium, and even some raw dairy products. Finding foods with these properties, such as grapefruit, oranges, blueberries, etc, will help you to withstand your next allergic reaction.


Along with dieting, gentle exercise can also help reduce inflammation. At the same time, it also strengthens the muscles in your lungs, allowing you to breathe a bit more easily. However, if exercise is making your asthma worse, reach out to your asthma doctor immediately for an asthma control test.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils are great for reducing asthma symptoms and promoting ease of breath. Tea tree oil, for example, is an expectorant which aids in thinning secretions, which makes it easier for asthmatics to breathe. Lavender is another essential oil that has both a calming effect and anti-inflammatory effect. If you are having an asthma attack, put some eucalyptus or lavender oil into a pot of boiling water or an oil diffuser and breathe in. Both of these essential oils will aid in getting your breath back to normal. Click here for a full list of essential oils and their benefits.


Having a cup of coffee or black tea in the morning can also help treat asthma. Similar to the asthma medication, caffeine can open up airways in the lungs and therefore improve breathing function.

Good Posture

Sitting up straight, believe it or not, is also a way to reduce asthma or provide relief during an asthma attack. This is because it allows you to breathe more efficiently than if you were lying down.

Deep Breaths

This may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of the time people having an asthma attack forget to take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths not only allows you to take in more healthy oxygen, it also calms your body, which is important to do when your chest tightens during an attack.

Quit Smoking

Another cause of asthma is smoking. If you struggle with asthma, it’s time to quit smoking. Smoking only harms the lungs further, making it difficult to deal with allergens and putting a damper on good breathing techniques.

Asthma Treatment in NYC

Maintaining good health with smart food choices, exercise, and keeping a clean home are great places to start with at home asthma care. Incorporating breathing exercises and holistic choices such as using herbs and oils, are also beneficial. Do not let chronic asthma go untreated. If these tips don’t seem to be enough to quell your asthma symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek out a professional asthma doctor in NYC. Contact Dr. Shukla today to get the help you deserve.

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